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1>USB Alert – sounds and shows an alarm if you lock or shutdown your computer while the USB stick is still connected.

2>TiltShift Generator – can add cool tilt shift effects to your photos.

3>MultiMi – brings Facebook, Twitter and Email to your desktop.

4>TunnelBear – is a comprehensive VPN tool that securely “tunnels” your internet connection to locations around the world. It allows you to experience the Internet as people in that country experience it.

5>BlueStacks – now run your favorite android apps and games on Windows.

6>Slow MP3 – it can control the speed, transpose, transcribe and can even play karaoke of songs.

7>Metro Clock 2 – adds Windows 8 Metro clock and image slideshow to your Windows 7.

8> Hamster Free Book Converter – can convert eBook files to any device format of your choice.

9> Set Sound Device(SSD) – allows you to quickly switch sound device of your computer in Windows 7.

9> Pokki  -  can pin web apps to Windows 7 taskbar.

10> UMPlayer – with more than 270 audio/video codecs and YouTube integration, this media player can play any media format for you.

11> Perfect Effects 4 Free – an Instagram like app to apply more than 70 magical photo effects on the whole or part of an image. Now turn ordinary photos into some extraordinary ones.

12> USB-AV – protects your USB flash drives from viruses and malware security threats.

13> Microsoft Research Cliplets - gives you the power to create “Cliplets” – a type of imagery that sits between stills and video and save them as GIF, MP4 and WMV.

15> Stoffi – is a simple but powerful music player that consolidates the key features spread over various music players into one unified music player.

16> Voxeet – completely redefines the VoIP web conferencing. The software uses 3D high definition voice technology to produce immersive sound.

17- OPSWAT’s Security Score – is a tool that scans your PC for the status of your installed security applications and provides a score along with recommendations on how to improve.

18-Free Viewer – is the only file viewer you will ever need. It is compatible of working with more than 100’s of file formats.

19>Close All - lets you close all running applications with just a single click.

20>GOM Audio - is a handy and reliable audio player that supports various audio formats likes MP3, OGG, M4A, WMA, MID, WAV, FLAC, APE, PLS, to name a few. It can further handle CD content and Internet streams as well.